Responsive design

Our risk assessment online tool is offering optimal layout on a variety of devices (from laptops to cell phones) to enhance readability and easy navigation

Fully customizable

Adjust the number and scale of evaluating factors, risk levels, the structure and levels of assessment, acceptance criteria and risk mitigating actions according to your needs

Knowledge base

Predefined project risks, hazards from health and safety legislations, environmental aspects that can be connected to a given risk assessment


PDF report format is available from finished assessments. Report content is customizable.

Specify the area of risk assessment you are looking for.

We will set up a custom demo page for you.

Health and safety, environment protecion, project management, financial risks

If you would like to have a demo with your own hazards, here is the opportunity!

Risk assessment

Good settings make your job easier and evaluation process much faster


Probability, Impact, Frequency... or your own evaluating factors can be used, set the scales and risk levels according to your needs


Risk mitigating actions can be connected to risk assessment. Address your internal or external responsible person


More than 350 predefined hazards helps you to create your own risk evaluation. Based on the template you can create you own evaluation quickly.



An assessment can be divided between more responsible persons. They can evaluate their own parts and then the whole assessment is merged in one document.


Generated reports meet professional and legal requirements; the use of company logo is also possible.

Copy - Paste

You can easily create new assessments from previous ones. Several options are available to create new assessments quick as possible.

Explore the possibilities

All your assessments available on-line. Effective operation, more relevant documents, easier monitoring.

Risk Assistant

Risk assessment online tool – keep it simple

With Risk Assistant you can easily fulfil professional and legal risk assessment requirements in the fields of health&safety, environmental protection, project management and finance. User friendly, customizable interface, smart reporting Our risk assessment software is easy to use, you can create new evaluations from previous ones with one click

Risk assessment in general

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We can provide professional and technical support to integrate your existing evaluation into your new system.

In case of project risk assessment we can provide trainings.

Contact us for a special offer.

  • Keep it simple - predefined settings and templates, limited number of assessments
  • 280 EUR + VAT / year
  • Maximum 5 assessments
  • Partial access to knowledge base (predefined risks and hazards)
  • Read-only templates
  • Handle your risks easily in a long term version customized by You
  • 400 EUR + VAT / year
  • Unlimited number of risk assessments
  • Full access to knowledge base (predefined risks and hazards)
  • Editable predefined templates
  • Custom scales and factors
  • If you need more variety of scales and factors
  • 350 EUR + VAT / year
  • Unlimited number of risk assessments
  • Full access to knowledge base (predefined risks and hazards)
  • Custom scales and factors

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